Security & investigations should be approached from a unique perspective.  Given the nature of the function, it is necessary to maintain an objective perspective during a security survey.  While proprietary security units are quite competent at their trade, outside assistance is sometimes a necessary pursuit; additionally, and especially, when a proprietary unit does not exist, external support is a great way to achieve value in a security program without the expense and administration of managing an in-house team.  In order to achieve value in our solutions, we become your in-house team and work with you in a way that provides professional service to all your stakeholders without breaking the bank.  Contact Us to learn how your company can benefit from these professional services:

- Security surveys
- Vulnerabilities assessments
- Facility security inspections
- Integrity tests
- Investigative support
- Intrusion detection systems
- Closed circuit television (CCTV)
    - Setup
    - Monitoring
    - Auditing
- Transportation / supply chain security
- Courier compliance
- And more...